Youtube Video of podcast

In this unique episode of CTF Radiooo adamd and Zardus chronicle their adventures while playing Nautilus Institute’s DEF CON 31 CTF, all the way from the Friday night before the CTF to early Monday morning leaving to catch a flight.

Throughout this episode we talk about the CTF as we’re experiencing it (from a hot tub?!?!), and we catch up with several amazing people in the CTF community, including commentators, players, organizers, and winners (congrats Maple Mallard Magistrates on the win): ZetaTwo, clasm, zanardi, nafod, perribus, negasora, jay, mike_pizza, zaratec, and vie.

Unfortunately the sound on the interviews during the CTF after party is not the best, but that’s how recording in a closet in the middle of a party goes! We’ll try to bring on those folks in the future.

Special shoutout to our impromptu camerapeople zwad3 and f4c31e55.

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